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NEW as of March 10/2023 --

Tickets now available at Corlane Sporting Goods Ltd.

for 2023 Gun Show Raffles

Shopping Spree Raffle -- Tickets $20.00 each  (only 1000 tickets available)

1st prize:  $2000.00 Shopping Spree (your choice or mix of) Butcher Block, Any local Grocery or Corlane Sporting Goods

2nd Prize:  $700.00 value Kuma Camping Package

3rd Prize:  $300.00 value Custom Knife by Peace Knives



50/50 tickets at $10.00 each.

It's time to tell this government we want science based wildlife management in BC.
Download and print these letters, sign them, and drop them off at Corlane Sporting Goods
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