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Regular is $180.95 & gst $9.05 = $190.00

Spouse Add $10.00 & .50 gst = $ 10.50

Dependents under 12 (no charge)

Age 12-17 add $10.00 plus .50 gst = $10.50 each

Key deposit $10.00


Seniors $145.00 & gst 7.25 = $152.25

Junior (ages 12-17)   $75.00 & 3.75 = $78.75   

DCSC Membership Rack Card (Facebook Post

Member Benefits

Your membership has its perks! Check out all the ways your BCWF membership benefits you.

  • Insurance coverage tailored to your needs. Excess Third-Party Liability insurance covering a wide range of outdoor activities, plus the use of ATVs and other vehicles while engaged in hunting and angling.

  • BC Outdoors Magazine: Six issues of British Columbia’s most trusted outdoors publication.

  • Regular advocacy updates from the BCWF. Exclusive member update newsletters and communications.

  • Member discounts. Present your BCWF membership card at Marks, Bass Pro Tsawwassen, Coast Hotels, and more!

  • Complimentary BCWF vehicle decal.

  • Education and outreach. Increased awareness of the value of fish and wildlife management to the public and government. 

  • Access to the decision-makers. Effective, timely and trusted advocacy efforts to all levels of government.



  • No alcohol or drugs allowed
  • Red flag must be raised prior to shooting or shooter down range sign must be lowered
  • If more than one person is engaged in shooting activities on the shooting range, one person must be appointed as range officer
  • All firearms to be left unloaded with the action open when off the firing line
  • No dry firing behind the firing line
  • No firearm to be loaded until on the firing line and then only at the range officer’s command
  • No firing of big bore rifles and shotguns on the pistol range
  • No shooting baffles or range signs
  • Only approved targets to be used
  • All shooters are responsible for cleaning up used targets
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • Disciplinary action will be taken by the Club executive for any breach of the range rules



Open daily from dawn until dusk
(or 7 AM to 10 PM)

* Exceptions made for posted events *

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